CO₂ Probe

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€210.00 (Outside EU)

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Our CO₂ probe connects to a wireless sensor (serial no. must be greater than 10-04-xx-xx). It measures the CO₂ level so you can keep an eye on your climate. CO₂ level has a direct and negative impact on human cognition and even moderate levels of carbon dioxide can cause headaches and fatigue, and higher concentrations can produce nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

The sensor returns a value from 400 ppm to 2000 ppm where and does weekly auto-callibration of the sensor.

If you already have a Sensor and Gateway, you can always buy probes separately, as it can be used in many environments. The CO₂ probe increases the battery usage somewhat, so expect 6 month battery life of sensor with attached CO₂ probe.

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CE and FCC certified for use in all of US & EU