Temperature Probe

€52.50 (Inside EU)

€42.00 (Outside EU)

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Our Home & Hobby temperature probe connects to a wireless sensor. It can serve as a plant thermometer, where you place the probe in e.g., soil, and see how much warmer your soil is by night compared to the air temperature.

You can get a temperature probe in one of our Garden Packs, as part of the package. By purchasing one of our Garden Packs, you will save  25% or 35%, than if you were to purchase the components separately.

If you already have a Sensor and Gateway, you can always buy a temperature probe separately, as it can be used in many other environments; e.g., measuring the temperature in your beer, water in an aquarium, the possibilities are endless...

We ship every day and offer 14 days full money back guarantee - no questions asked

CE and FCC certified for use in all of US & EU


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