Wine Bottle Probe

€52.50 (Inside EU)

€42.00 (Outside EU)

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With our Wine Bottle Probe you are able to track the bottle temperature of your wine through a indicator bottle. Just fill one bottle with water (or wine) and insert the wine probe and connect the mini-jack to an existing Wireless T/H sensor. The probe will record the bottle temperature and the sensor it connects to will record the room temperature and humidity, enabling you to see the difference when the surrounding environment changes.

You can also buy one of our Wine Packs, and get a wine bottle probe, as part of the package. By purchasing one of our Wine Packs, you will save 25% or 35%, than if you were to purchase the components separately.

If you already have a Sensor and Gateway, you can always buy a Wine Bottle Probe separately 

We ship every day and offer 14 days full money back guarantee - no questions asked

CE and FCC certified for use in all of US & EU



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